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Imagine Kris using his tiny mouth to his advantage, gnawing secret messages and drawings into ears of corn. When he tries to present his masterpieces and messages to the rest of the group, Kyungsoo chastises him for playing with his food and being wasteful.

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contrary to what a lot of fans think, i actually cant wait for idols to date and get married and have kids???!!! like i would be so proud of them!!! idols and their lil families all cute

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Just a friendly reminder that Hongbin is gorgeous.

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make me choose: Hakyeon-ah or N-Hyung

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when the "best face" argument situation gets too real

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I’m so ready for this comeback

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I don’t particularly like the styling in exo’s overdose video, but on the other hand, I’m glad the stylist from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has a job again

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even in video games i cant bring myself to choose any of the rude/mean talking options 

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If Suho spoke English he would probably say stuff like “gee wiz” and “oh golly” and “hot diggity dog”

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