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I’m so ready for this comeback

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I don’t particularly like the styling in exo’s overdose video, but on the other hand, I’m glad the stylist from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has a job again

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even in video games i cant bring myself to choose any of the rude/mean talking options 

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If Suho spoke English he would probably say stuff like “gee wiz” and “oh golly” and “hot diggity dog”

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  • Tiffany: I got a boy
  • Sooyoung: I got a boy
  • Yoona: I got a boy
  • Hyoyeon: I punched my ex
  • Taeyeon: I got a dog

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Me drawing EXO's new comeback logo

  • Me: My heart is Lay
  • Me: But my hands are Kris

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                   Lee Hong Bin - September 29th, 1993 - The Libra


Back to business. Bean is a Libra!! You’re literally going to get the most perfectly balanced man with Hongbin. He will strive to stay keen and be an objective.

Libra’s like to try and find a solution that is best for everyone. They believe that you can please everyone all the time, which isn’t always a good thing. Bean is a pacifist and dislikes conflict. Libra men believe that nothing is achieved with a temper tantrum and will avoid one at all costs.

As we can tell, Hongbin likes quiet and peaceful atmospheres. (And has to deal with N. Poor thing.) He’s going to strive for harmony and balance. IF you ever get in an argument, be prepared to sit down and talk about things rationally, not throw plates at each other across the house.

It’s not always to come up with a decision when it comes to a Libra man. You two may be having a discussion on what to eat for 20 minutes. Simply take a deep breath and wait until the two of you can come to a conclusion.


Love is the ULTIMATE expression for a Libra male. Hongbin will literally be in love with being in love. He’ll wear his heart on his sleeve and call when he says he’ll call. Leading you on would just be unfair.

Between the sheets, Libras are generous lovers. Hongbin will please and expect to be pleased in return. It’s like a double shot of expresso, sex with a Libra. You get the best of both worlds, giving and receiving pleasure.

Don’t let his innocence fool you. Libras have some of the worst (Or is it the best?;D) dirty talk out of all the men. However, he’s just as charming in the bedroom as he is out of it. Expect to find rose petals scattered on silk sheets and a waltz in the moonlight. (Before you tie him up and ride him like a bull)(Who said that? >.>)

You’re literally getting the best of the Zodiacs with a Libra. Since they try to avoid conflict at all costs, arguments will be sparse. That could be bad then, because that means he’d be a bit of a push over. Be simple with Bean.


-Admin Jen~

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Title: One reason why he is my bias Artist: Hongbin 3,368 plays


Bean’s precious laughter

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